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Generate SQLs from Ads.
Scale without Channel Lock-in.

We have a well rounded team for performance marketing to be successful,
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Our Customers
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We started a new campaign, expanded it and gradually optimized for results.
In this way, we were able to reduce the cost per conversions (blue line) from 60,000INR (~760$) during the course of 3 months and increased the conversion rate from literally 0 to 2%.

We have seen great B2B SaaS companies that focus on SQL, revenue, pipeline, mind & market share.
These companies hit their target metrics without compromising on results, speed, scale and transparency. And we're proud to be a part of their journey.

With extensive marketing research of ~20 sheets, we uncover the right messaging strategy to target your exact persona across the funnel over a period of 7 weeks.
Rapid experimentation, customer interviews, industry expertise content and retargeting ads are few of the things we develop to obtain SQLs

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Actions that Optimize your Entire Funnel

Research & Strategy

Gain insights &

Ad Creatives

Impress &

Landing Pages

Inspire to
take action

Email Workflows

Nurture &


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We are clearly better suited for SaaS Ads

Ad Agencies

  • Speak with account managers
  • Need to create systems
  • Understand B2B
  • Lower research orientation
  • Missing Attribution/ABM expertise
  • Less partners
  • Checklist driven implementation

Full Service

  • Speak with account managers
  • Overhead costs
  • Lack of Domain expertise
  • Less research orientation
  • Missing Attribution/ABM expertise
  • Checklist driven implementation
  • Single agency managing everything
  • Speak with marketing strategist
  • No overhead
  • Expertise on B2B SaaS
  • ~20 Sheets of Research & Strategy
  • Comfortable with Tech
  • Ecosystem of Vetted Partners
  • Data driven process
  • Multiple specialists working together
Rapid iterations

Leverage channels based on your goals

What sets us apart

An Approach that just Makes Sense


  • Testing new platforms requires scope change

    Often major optimizations lie in specialized channels, but you may have to revisit the contract, re-negotiate the deal which causes friction overall and wasted effort.

  • Ad agencies only manage ads

    Typical ad agencies manage ads, but there’s a lot more work involved in interpreting data. For ex, the conversion data is more accurate in a CRM than general platforms.

  • Inefficient PPC for software companies

    Typical performance marketing agencies are not aware of 10k ABM & targeted lists. Moreover major optimizations in ABM or marketing funnel requires a lot of tech.

  • Scaling accounts of different sizes are intricate

    Running accounts of different sizes require a distinct approach & process, specific skillsets and tech. A team that does well with smaller accounts may not perform well when scaling.


  • Platform-Agnostic contracts

    Fewer restrictions and more experiments. You don’t need to revisit the contract every time we suggest a new channel.

  • Optimize your entire funnel, not just ads

    Ad success spans across the funnel, including landing page wireframes, email workflows, CRM reporting, and everything in between.

  • Reduce spend waste on ads, tech & sales

    Leverage our 10K-ABM approach to specifically target your audience, reduce CRM costs, and cut time spent on junk leads.

  • Scale with confidence

    Effectively scale to wider audiences & larger budgets. We specialize in scaling resources & know what may break, as we’ve scaled accounts from nothing to over 150-200 campaigns multiple times.

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Success Stories

Results that Drive Business Growth

  • Soumil

    DarwinBox, B2B HRM Software

    Soumil Kar, Head of Demand Gen

    “We have been able to make our advertising efforts efficient, double down on critical experiments, and have higher visibility into performance.”

  • priyanka

    DhiWise Pvt. Ltd, B2D Software

    Priyanka Shah, Sales & Marketing Director

    “We just hired them for advertising, but we got an entire marketing strategy mapped out for DhiWise.”

  • Ritish Reddy

    Zluri, B2B SaaS Management

    Ritish Reddy, Co-Founder

    "Since we started working with the team, we've been able to close 4x of what we have spent on ads & a 61% increase in lead velocity."


How much do you charge?
Our pricing model and retainer amount changes based on the project scope. It usually makes sense to work with us once you're spending over 8k USD per month in ad spend.
Who will work on our project?
The team working on your account will consist of a marketing strategist, an ad operations specialist, a team of copywriters and a team of designers. When needed, we may also bring in additional resources.
Who will be communicating with me?
You will be speaking directly with the marketing strategist. We have a strict "no account manager" policy so that you can speak directly with the marketing expert.
Which marketing channels can you leverage?
We leverage different marketing channels based on your goals, company & industry. The most common channels we use for our customers are: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Capterra, G2 and Facebook. Since there's no channel lock-in, we can always test new channels apart from these.
What does your MarTech stack look like?
We use different tools for account list creation, data enrichment, CRO, lead routing, etc. Our team is comfortable using over 30 different software and can also onboard to something new if necessary.
How does communication with you work?
For day-to-day ad hoc communication, we mostly use Slack. Apart from that, we have weekly catchups on a video call. We maintain weekly and monthly reports that you have access to at all times. We also build custom reports in your CRM that you will have access to.
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